We are very excited you're here!

We're here to share our stories with the hopes of experiencing a meaningful and inspiring life,

to create the space to expand and explore so we can be of service to you and others

who are also here to make a difference in this world, one story at a time...

You are eager and ready

to dive into the expansive potential

that awaits you on the other side of fear.

You are not letting anything or anyone

keep you from fulfilling your destiny.

Everything is available to you

just waiting for you

to tap into the infinite resources

you have within you.

You are going to follow the path less traveled 

because that is what's calling you.

What is your calling?

The mother you are in your core?

The successful career woman?

The creative artist?

Is it to heal yourself

And inspire others to heal?

You know who you are!

The BIGGER questions...

Who are you?

And do you know you already are the mother,

the career woman,

the artist,

the healer,

the {insert who you want to be here}?

Yes, you take it upon yourself

to do all the things you can do

because you are superwoman!

You also know that you don't have to wait

to do all the things that light you up

because of your to-do-list right? Right!

So now, the even bigger question...

What are you waiting for?!

Seriously! GO and BE your awesome self,

doing the beautiful things you are very good at,

and all the wonderful things

that inspire you to your core!

Why? Because you can!

And you're totally awesome like that!

Jhoanna Rae is the creative founder of  YINtuitive Life™ which is all about living life in freedom, love, oneness, and wonder or simply #LifeinFLOW; and YINtuitive Yoga which is all about your #POSEbeyondthemat or Practice Of Self Expression beyond the mat.

She's a self-titled YINtuitive Yogi™ &

Synergetic Wellness Practitioner™ who works with women who are seeking to revitalize their physical bodies as they are awakening to their spiritual gifts by teaching them how to embrace their journey through  simple intuitive self-care practices.

She is a certified Yoga Teacher, Integrative Health Coach, and Usui Reiki Ryoho Master. She's also a licensed health care professional who's humbled by her experience in the traditional setting that she's fueled by her commitment to serving others with an eclectic and holistic approach. She's a student of life inspired by Eastern medicine, Western advancement, esoteric philosophies, and metaphysical realities; and received training and activation to safely, effectively and intuitively use Essential Oils, access the Akashic Records, explore Soul Contracts, create and foster Energy Synergy with one's Energetic Heartspace (a sacred energetic space) which she channeled). She's grateful to be able to share the tools she has been given to support others in their journey.


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