Mudra FLOW

Mudra FLOW is for you if you need a short and simple way to create energy movement within you without taking too much of your time or space. It will highlight 4 main components of F.L.O.W. during your session.

Meridian FLOW

Meridian FLOW is for you if you need to cleanse your Energy channels (Meridians, Nadis) for clearing stagnant energies that are making you feel stuck and unable to create or move on with things you are desiring in your life.

It will entail guidance during a Yin Yoga pose and has the 4 main components of F.L.O.W. that will be highlighted during your session.

Yin/Yang FLOW
Yin/Yang FLOW is for you if you need to balance your Feminine & Masculine energies.
This will entail opening your Meridians/Nadis (energy channels) where you may be holding stagnant energies within your physical and subtle bodies, so it can be cleared to allow movement and transformation of these energies. You are then given the Energetic Alignment™ for Yin/Yang energies. It will highlight the 4 components of F.L.O.W. during your session.
Create Your FLOW

Create Your FLOW is exactly what it means - You get to decide what you need support with to allow yourself to be the truest expression of yourself. You will receive guidance in body movements or your own creative POSE, energy transformations, Energetic Alignment™, and other energy healing modalities which you may be called to receive. This session will be intuitively inspired by you, and you will receive what you're meant to at the specific moment you allow yourself to open to this unique and special opportunity.

YINtuitive Yoga™ journey call

YINtuitive Yoga™ journey call is an important step to dive into your needs and desires to make sure you are supported so you can take the next step in this unique experience. It's a casual session, but make no mistake because it's truly an empowering moment for you as you take this initial action in embracing your journey.


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