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YINtuitive Yoga™ is your unique 

Practice Of Self Expression beyond the mat.

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What is YINtuitive Yoga™

YINtuitive Yoga™ is your

"Practice of Self Expression beyond the mat".

It's about the alignment of your mind-body-spirit with your feminine essence achieved through grounded Yoga pose/s, transformative energy flowand guidance from your intuition.

The embodied Philosophy of Yin Yoga with the intuitive expression of your unique feminine essence.

Let's break it down...

Yoga means "union" + Yin is the "female principle of the universe"


Intuitive means "using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning;

instinctive". (source: dictionary.com)

Or simply it's the "Union with Your Feminine Essence" (Intuition is part of our feminine nature... agree?! Yes! )

Practice Of Self Expression beyond the mat


This is Your Yoga!

You may never own a Yoga mat, or practice on one, which is exactly NOT the only point!

This practice is beyond your poses on the mat, and has 3 fundamental foundations, which are

The ABCs of YINtuitive Yoga

Align your body

• Breathe through your thoughts •

• Connect with your Spirit •

And did I already say you don't have to know Yoga already or you don't have to be practicing on the mat...?

(Although I warn you that you may want to start once you experience this practice yourself and all you need is the desire and openness to allow the renewal and deepen your mind-body-spirit connection.

Embracing this journey will open you up more than you could ever imagine... to start BEing in your truth

and honor your real nature, which is what "Union with Your Feminine Essence" is all about after all

Sharing perspectives...

And expressions of self...

Feel Your Heart Meditation


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